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PAPERSKY magazine #53 hike issue on Shodoshima Island, Japan.

Heaven's Trail
Shodoshima island can boost of having no airports and no bridges, making it a modern day phenomenon that can only be reached via boat. Shodoshima is naturally beautiful but its magnetic ability to draw in interesting, open minded and diversified people through the ages is what sets it apart.

For this issue PAPERSKY’s very own editor and founder, Lucas Badtke-Berkow, walked the Shodoshima 88 Ohenro trail. The Ohenro route is a 150 km pilgrimage. The course makes a complete circle around the island going through small towns and fishing villages as well as along the scenic coast and cutting through the islands rugged mountains with fantastic views over the Inland Sea. Historically, the Ohenro Trail is significant due to its strong connections with Kobo Daishi who frequently visited Shodoshima on his way to Kyoto, seeking out sacred spots.


PAPERSKY magazine was born from a concept of being a door to the world and a means to journey within oneself. A bilingual magazine in Japanese and English, each issue delves into PAPERSKY team's personal journeys taken on foot or bicycle, finding historic trails and beaten paths, tasting food harvested locally, listening to the stories of inhabitants of the land and sea... taking you on an adventure on 'Spaceship Earth'.