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PASTA Drawing+Graphic Marker (KOKUYO)

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A unique pastel-crayon developed by Kokuyo, a long-selling stationery maker from Japan. Kokuyo developed a line of never-seen-before drawing materials in 2018. Pasta was its first initiative. 

Made of minimal-style plastic barrel with a bright water-based color core, Pasta draws smoother than a crayon but blends like pastel. You can create texture when you hold it with a light touch, but can also create fine details using its 4x7mm rectangular core. Included in the refillable barrel set are stickers to indicate each color. To draw, take off the top, and screw the bottom to push the color out to your desired length.  

Made in Japan. 

Dimension: (W)0.5" x (H)5.2" x (D)0.4" 


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