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2024 Planner / HON A6 Tomitaro Makino - SHIPS NOVEMBER (HOBONICHI TECHO)

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The HON planner with a hardcover book design, hence it's called "HON" meaning a book in Japanese. 

It features a design with a botanical illustration by a renowned botanist, Dr. Tomitaro Makino. The illustration of Yamazakura (Mountain Cherry Blossom) was the opening illustration of the first volume of Makino's “Flora Japonica” book published in 1900.

Dr. Makino’s drawing of the Yamazakura cherry tree as a symbolic Japanese plant is characterized by its dazzlingly detailed line drawings. The textural cloth cover is inspired from a canvas. The botanical illustrations, born from a keen eye for observation, knowledge, and experience, make this techo an ideal companion for your daily life. The illustrations that have become one of Dr. Makino’s masterpieces were drawn about 120 years ago during the Meiji Era, using loupes and microscopes for detailed observation and creating drawings that show the entire shape of the Yamazakura branches, shapes of the petals, and structures of various parts.

This series was created to make you feel like you’re carrying around a favorite book and take it out at any time to make notes. A6 size features a page per day with a 3.7mm grid layout, the size of a square grid that is easy to write on after years of research.

The HON has two attached bookmarks—one navy and one beige—so you can mark your place in frequently used pages. An A6 pencil board with a pen holder exclusively comes with the HON series. Paper material is durable and thin Tomoe River S paper and its thread-bound book with a lay-flat design makes it easy to write.

The year "2024" is stamped so you can easily identify the year when you put the notebooks on the bookshelf.
Last, not the least - each one of planner has a serial number printed on the backside of front cover! 

Dimension: (W)4.3" x (L)6.1" x (D)0.7"
Page Contents: Yearly & Monthly Calendars, Daily planner (a day per page), To-do list, My Favorites page, 365-day Goal page, Words to remember page, Looking Back to the Year 2024 page - exclusive to English version of HON A6

Also available in A5 (With Weekly planner page which A6 does not include)

The original Hobonichi Techo was born in 2001 from Japan, and it’s been refined and updated every year to reflect the demands of users. Now, over 20 years, the techo has been used by fans all over the world.