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Porcelain Stamp

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A magical collection of Saiko Okada's porcelain stamps – Enjoy her whimsical and warm illustration on each stamp. 
Each stamp is designed with a different shape, and you could collect them to make little houses or as building blocks. What a fantastical idea for stamps! 
Saiko Okada tries to create drawings that are just a little bit out of the ordinary, and these stamps are exactly that.

The stamping surface is also porcelain, which means that you could use regular stamp pads as well as inks. When you stamp, use a cork backing pad underneath a paper.
Great for decoration your journals and notebooks, letter, message cards...or as a gift.

Dimensions: Approximately 0.8" x 1.5" 
Material: Porcelain, Packaged in a bag with a cork backing. 
Made in Japan
Each one varies in color and pattern.