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Postcard(Yotsume Dye House)

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Postcards from Yotsume Dye House. Each print has the look and the feel of their specialty print technique of Katazome which conveys the warmth of hand crafting. 

The postcard designs are varied from the actual locations like sacred shrines from Japan to the motifs that the artist was inspired by an ancient musical instrument. 

Dimension: Approximately 4” x 6”
Hand Printed in Japan

Photographs by Suzume Gusa 


At Yotsume Dye House, Toyokazu Ono uses a traditional Japanese dyeing technique called Katazome to create household items like tenuguis ( tea towels ) and noren ( Japanese curtains ) to clothing with his original designs.
Katazome is a very time-consuming technique with many steps, and a piece of cloth is dyed through more than 20 processes.