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Receipt Memo Holder

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A hand-made receipt paper memo holder by Stack Containers, based in Kagoshima, Japan. At our DTLA store, we use it as a tester paper at our cashier so you may have spotted it. 

Like the Stack Containers boxes, this holder is made of a metal backing and the Kakishibu dyed paper which is a traditional technique in Japan. The method gives a durability to paper, and after years of use, the material ages nicely.

We enjoy this memo holder so much so we asked the Stack Containers' designer to make this memo holder for our store.  

It comes with a roll of 2.25" receipt paper which you may find at office supply stores. 

Measurements: (L) 10" x (W) 3.25" x (H) 1.5" 
Receipt Paper Width: 2.25" 
Made in Japan


Stack Containers are sturdy, archival-quality paper containers, crafted individually by the hands of paper artist Takeaki Kawaida. The surface of paper is treated with persimmon juice to preserve contents from water, rot, and bugs, a traditional method used in Japan for over twelve centuries.