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Recycled Circle Tray / Medium (buoy)

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The product concept of "buøy" is to create non-disposable products from discarded plastic in the ocean.

These one-of-a-kind upcycled circle trays from buøy @plas_tech are born out of a desire to create items made from marine debris and the developer and designer wish that this will be used for a long long time. Each plastic waste was collected from the beach-cleanup organizations from all over in Japan, thoroughly cleaned, then made to be this beautiful tray.

The resin molding process, which is usually based on the premise of mass reproduction of the same exact shape, is produced using a unique manufacturing method that leaves "room" for each piece to have a different look.

The marbled patterns created in the manufacturing process are absolutely unique.

Dimension: Φ5.5" 
Made in Japan 

Also available in S size