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100% pre-washed Aizu cotton 2-way Room Shoes – You can wear them like a babouche by stepping on the heel for easy on/off or pull the heel part up as a slip on. 
The cushioning provides a comfortable fit even when worn all day long! 

One size / model shoe size is US Women's 8.5 
How to care: wash cold, hang dry 

All YAMMA items are made with the Aizu Momen (cotton in Japanese) from Aizu, Fukushima prefecture in Japan.
The Aizu Cotton is a traditional craft preserved in the old Aizu County, formerly known as Mutsu province, and its technique was adopted by the mid 17th century. The Aizu cotton is well known for its durability as the textile has been developed to endure rough weather - scorching summers and snowy winters - and to be used for “Nora-gi” meaning a farm-working wear in Japanese. At YAMMA, the process starts from buying yarn and dye it in one factory in Aizu. The amount of time and effort it takes to dye the yarn is truly impressive.

Great for people who enjoy wearable crafts and value comfort.