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Set of Note Cards - Lined (KAKIMORI)

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Japan's gift culture is very well known, and often the cultural tradition creates this lovely item like "Ippitsu-sen" as known as a note card to be enclosed when you gift someone. The card is lined inside of hand-drawn hexagonal border and comes in nuanced blue grey and sepia colors. 

This note card set includes 10 cards and its paper quality is great for fountain pens. Recommended to be used with Kakimori ink and pens ideally. 

Dimensions: (W)7" x (H)3.1" 
Made in Japan

Kakimori is a company in downtown Tokyo renowned for its brand ethos of bringing joy that comes from writing by hand. The stationery creator makes writing instruments and surfaces with meticulous attention to detail, using sustainable production processes often replying on the skills of artisans and craftsmen across Japan.