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Stainless Steel Bottle

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Stainless steel tumbler that holds 500ml / 16oz liquid by Hightide.

This stainless steel bottle has excellent heat and cold retention properties. The double-layer vacuum construction prevents heat transfer and keeps the contents cool for an extended period of time. With a capacity of 500 ml/16oz, it is a good size for everyday use with water, tea and coffee.

It comes with a handle on its lid. You can hang it on a carabiner or hook to carry it around. The bottle opening is large and easy to fill with ice & easy to clean. 

Also this bottle has outstanding heat retention capability that keeps the temperature above 73°C/163F even after 6 hours of pouring boiling water. 

Please note: 

  • The heat and cold retention capacity will vary depending on the environment in which the product is used.
  • Hand wash only, not safe for a dishwasher
  • Do not put dry ice, carbonated drinks, dairy beverage, fruit juices, and miso soup, sports drinks, etc. which contains sodium

Dimension: (Ø)3" x (H)8.25"
Material: Stainless Steel(body), Polypropylene, stainless steel (lid), Silicone Rubber
Volume: 500ml / 16oz
Weight: 12.5oz