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Storage Container/ Set (PENCO)

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A set of 4 nested PP storage containers by Penco.

Brand new color, Glow in the dark is available! It is useful in poorly lit garages, camping, etc., as you can easily see where you have placed it even in dark places.
*If exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light for more than 30 minutes, it will glow in the dark.If the "glow" becomes weak, expose it to light for 2~3 minutes and it will return to strong luminescence.

Dimension (small to large): 
(W)7.8" x (H)4.9" x (D)1.8"
(W)8.1" x (H)5.5" x (D)2.1"
(W)8.7" x (H)6.1" x (D)2.4"
(W)9.3" x (H)6.7" x (D)2.8"


Also available from Penco that brings storage solutions for home, office or school, in assortment of pop colors throughout the series:

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