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Subtle Bodies Incense Acessory

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Solid brass incense accessories by Subtle Bodies, a uniquely crafted holder made from a solid piece of brass. Each piece is hand-finished, stamped with initials and highly polished. This brass accessory adds a playful yet elegant touch to your incense collection. Let it naturally tarnish or restore its shine with salt and lemon juice or a jewelry polish.

Incense Holiders:
Hand-made in Northern India (Uttar Pradesh) in a traditional metalworking region, holders will vary slightly in size and shape from those pictured.

Comes in a Subtle bodies gift box with polishing cloth bag.

Solid brass (Copper/Zinc)  

Brass Lighter Case: 
A simple and elegant brass case to hold a small Bic lighter. Generously made for Subtle Bodies by Tsubota Pearl, A Japanese heritage brand specialising in fine metalwork since 1952.

Made in Tokyo, Japan 
Material: Solid brass

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Photographs by Subtle Bodies