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Subtle Bodies Incense

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Introducing new sustainably crafted incense series by Subtle Bodies. All Subtle Bodies incense sticks are pure wood products with no added perfume or fragrance. Each burns with a distinct, yet delicately scented smoke trail.

All 3 scents include 25 sticks in a box, approximate burn time is 30 minutes for the Sandalwood & Hinoki incense. 55 minutes for the Palo Santo incense. 

Australian Sandalwood
A sweet and fragrant scent which is clear and intoxicating, Sandalwood is perfect for promoting an uplifting sense of calm.

Open Grasslands, Western Australia

Taiwanese Hinoki
Hinoki has a fresh, yet deep woody scent which is familiar and clean - perfect for instilling a sense of calm and relaxation.

Central Mountains, Taiwan

Peruvian Palo Santo
Palo Santo is a revered and sacred wood with a bright and unmistakable scent — traditionally used to clear space and uplift energy.

Peruvian Amazon

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All photographs by Subtle Bodies