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Tiny Daypack Backpack (STANDARD SUPPLY)

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A simple yet highly functional small backpack by Standard Supply of Japan.

The minimal bag is made of 60% cotton and 40% nylon. This type of material is known to be light yet durable and is often used for the outdoors.

Comes with a leather handle, zipper pulls with premium zippers, cushioned shoulder straps, inner pockets, and various subtle features that maximize comfort and longevity.

One of the side pockets comes with a velcro closure with a space in the middle, providing easy access to the contents with fingers. The other side pocket is a slit pocket, handy for storing water bottles or folded umbrellas. The front pocket comes with inner pockets divided into two, as well as a hook for key attachment. The inside pocket in the main compartment is just the right size for storing a 14 inch laptop.

Dimension: (W)11.4" in x (H)15.4" x (D)4.7"

Made in Japan.