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Trip Ware Plate 240

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This is a ceramic plate by Trip Ware, based in Mino, Gifu prefecture. Mino is well known as one of Japanese pottery hubs such as Mashiko, Shigaraki, and Arita. 

What makes Trip Ware unique is that the plates and bowls are made of a part recycled clay. Pottery clay and pottery stone, which are indispensable for making ceramics, are limited resources from the earth over a long period of time. In order to continue to use this precious resource with care, a group of volunteer companies in Mino have come together to create a recycling system for ceramics and porcelain.
Clay, the raw material for pottery, is extracted from the earth, but once fired, pottery does not return to the earth even after 1000 years.

By crushing pottery into small pieces, less then 1mm,  and mixing them with new ceramic clay, once-fired vessels become raw materials and are reborn as vessels again – as if these recycled pieces "traveled" from different people to people and places, this recycled pottery series got a name as Trip Ware. 

Trip Ware is designed by Yoshita Design Studio

Dimension: Φ 9.5" x (H) 1"
Material: Ceramic (20% recycled ceramic clay)
Microwave & Dishwasher-safe 
Not Oven-safe

Also available in 8.25" size & bowl