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Tsuyazaki Doll - Gonta100 - Sweater Beanie

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This is Gonta, a pacifier doll from the Meiji era (1868-1912) that was popular in Kyushu region.
At that time, it was painted with rice flour and was safe to put in the mouth.
Now it is painted with pigments, so it cannot be used as a pacifier. Each Gonta doll is hand painted by Makoto Harada VII, who has 50 years of experience as a doll maker. 

The Gonta 100 series was released in conjunction of Tenjin Fashion Week in 2017. Gonta's exclusive “mawashi” made from scraps of Hakata-ori fabric by Risa Nakamura under Shugei-ya Sally in Fukuoka and the knit and beanie were made by long-established Fukuoka Knit.
Each "Gonta" has a serial number painted on the bottom of its foot, and no two are alike.

Height: 6"

*Please note, since each doll is hand painted,  there are slight differences in the painting.

*Some blemishes like chipped paint etc on display samples. FINAL SALE.