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Vintage ASAHIGRAPH / Jun.01.1949

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A vintage ASAHIGRAPH, a leading photographic news magazine published by Asashi Shinbun from June 1, 1949.

Now considered a highly valued rare item for the history enthusiasts, photographers, designers and collectors, the publication reveals daily customs, social trends and notable events which took place in various points of Japanese history.

Dimensions: (W)15" x (H)10.4"
Pages: 15-20 excluding covers

ASASHIGRAPH spans 77 eventful years from 1923 to 2000. From Taisho democracy, pre-war, WWII, post-war, period of rapid economic growth, oil crisis, collapse of Japan’s economic bubble, to the beginning of the 21st century, the magazine features popular news in politics to trends in fashion and entertainment. The text is written in Japanese, with English titles on many of the pre-war photos. Our collection includes those published between 1929 to 1950; notice the cover title that reads from right to left before the war, and left to right after.