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Washi Paper Incense / Papier Labo.

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Washi paper incense by Papier Labo. It's made with the same technique when making traditional washi paper. It's a nice mild scent compared to other paper incense you find elsewhere. You’ll enjoy the scent with or without burning.

Tee tree: A member of the Dipterocarpaceae family. Fresh and greener scent. 

Sage: It has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times. It has a refreshing, but also a deeper aroma.

Ylang ylang: A flower with the meaning of "flower within a flower." It has a noble and sweeter scent compared to the other two. 

Geranium(NEW): Floral, but refreshingly "green" scent. Fresh and clean. 

Lavender(NEW): An epitome of herbal scent. Soft and soothing. 

How to use:
1. Cut along the perforation
2. Fold like an accordion
3. Light the corner of the paper incense 
4. Extinguish the flame by blowing gently or fan the flame out 
5. Put it on a ceramic plate or heat resistant tray

Incense Sheet Size: (W)2.4" x (H)0.85"
Box Size: (W)3.5" x (H)0.85" x (D)1.4" 
Letterpress printing on washi paper

Set of 30

Photos by Papier Labo.

Made in Japan