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Wax Paper/ Basket/ Size 7/ Set of 20

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A food-safe, reusable wax paper bag in basket shape from Matsunoya.
The paraffin-coated paper has been used in Japan for over 13 centuries to wrap or store contents such as tobacco leaves, fish and rice. They are water-resistant yet breathable, and the basket-size with a hexagonal bottom is perfect for storing food, as still used in fish markets such as the famous Tsukiji.

In recent years, the brown wax paper bags are popular for its sustainability and beautiful, retro-warm quality. They are suitable for wrapping up picnic lunch, organizing vegetables in the refrigerator, or gifting baked goods. The paraffin makes the paper translucent, creating a smooth, almost leathery surface, and also attractive when crinkled. 

Dimension: (W)14.2" x (H)8.5" x (D)5.9"

Made in a town factory since 1945.

Matsunoya is a wholesaler of Japanese "industrial handicrafts" - simple tools of sustainable nature that have been used in common Japanese households a few decades ago.


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