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Wax Paper/ Flat Envelope/ M/ Set of 20

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A food-safe, reusable wax paper envelope from Matsunoya in medium.
The paraffin-coated paper has been used in Japan for over 13 centuries to wrap or store contents such as tobacco leaves, fish and rice. They are water-resistant yet breathable, and the medium envelope is perfect for storing artwork, postcards and baked goods or crafting a unique letter set.

In recent years, the brown wax paper products are popular for its sustainability and beautiful, retro-warm quality. The paraffin makes the paper translucent, creating a smooth, almost leathery surface, but also attractive when crinkled. 

Dimension: (W)6.7" x (H)8.7" (Tab)1.6"

Made in a town factory since 1945.

Available as a single bag or a set of 20.

Matsunoya is a wholesaler of Japanese "industrial handicrafts" - simple tools of sustainable nature that have been used in common Japanese households a few decades ago.


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