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Wooden Tray Oval

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An oval tray made of a single piece of wood by Hightide.

Enjoy the natural material of wood in the form of a desk tray that features a unique lip. Made of two variations; a light colored oak, or dark East Indian ebony, the round trays add a touch of elegance to your desk, bedside, or entryway. The surface has been treated with mineral oil that takes on a patina over time.

Perfect for storing accessories like jewelry or small toiletries worth displaying. Leave it by your office desk to organize pens, paper clips, sticky notes, andUSB drives. Makes a sophisticated catchall tray to leave daily essentials such as keys or glasses.

Comes packaged in an elegant paper box. * Please note that the tray is not food safe.

Also available in small and large rounds.

Package: (W)9.3” x (H)3.9” x (D)1”
Tray: (W)8.9” x (H)0.8” x (D)3.5”