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Zen Hiker T-Shirt/ White (PAPERSKY)

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A cotton T-shirt with “zen hiker” print by PAPERSKY in collaboration with Tacoma Fuji Records. Also available in Black.

PAPERSKY brings inflight magazines onto the ground and beyond, promoting traveling, revealing treasured cultures of Japan while collaborating with a variety of designers to produce original goods for adventures outdoors and within.
The shirt concept was handled by Jerry Ukai, who created a fictional tale behind the shirt that accompanied a record album Zen Hiker.  The record was produced by both a poet and an accomplished hiker Fernand Wan-Tea, who created avant-garde music.

Wan-Tea - a name chosen as an homage to the Japanese poet Issa (spelled “one tea”) Kobayashi - chose the pun haiku and hike (pronounced “haiku” in Japanese) reciting various haiku’s over a symphony of transporting sounds. 

Special attention to the typography representing the concept elevates the quality of the super-smooth fabric, perfect for venturing the outdoors. Look for a Papersky paper plane logo dotting the “i”.

Dimension: (Length) / (Width)

S: (L) 23.6" / (W) 18.9”
M: (L) 24.4" / (W) 19.7"
L: (L) 25.8" / (W) 20.9"

Made in Japan.